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    Bandwidth limit

      anyone knows how to configure yung QOS ng prolink h5001n? gusto ko kasi ilimit yung speed ng mga gumagamit ng wifi dito sa bahay...
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          This is a bit trickier because the firmware supplied by the manufacturer is very hard to configure compared to other modem routers, in any case I will try to help you.


          First you need to force all your client to use a unique IP address example your laptop should have an IP address of and your desktop so on and so forth, this can be done by going into LAN settings and specifying an IP for a specific device.


          Now go to your modem GUI and proceed to IPQoS settings.


          IP QoS: Enabled

          Default QoS: stream based

          Source IP: 192.168.1.x (IP address of your target device)

          Destination IP: (IP address of your router OR a specific WAN IP address)

          Netmask: (depending on what IP address class your using

          Port: 80 / 8080 (Web) Google other ports for other uses

          Protocol: since your firmware doesnt support (both) option. Choose TCP and create the same for UDP.

          Physical port: VAP0 (for all clients connecting to this MBSSID) so on...


          Outbound Priority: p3(lowest priority) depends what you want to accomplish

          802.1p: 0

          Precedence: 0

          TOS: depends what you want to accomplish


          Hit "Add" 


          and repeat process until you add all your clients.


          Make sure you "save" and "reboot" your modem for changes to take effect.