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    iphone online shopping (delayed processing and delivery)


      Good afternoon. I have this problem regarding the processing and delivery of the iphone5 i ordered last june 6,2013. I Already called the hotline several times and always the same thing they will just give me the reference number and stuffs. I HAVENT RECEIVED ANY CONFIRMATION ABOUT THE PHONE. I want it to get cancelled if still the processing will take a long time. Ive been emailing the globe support system several times already but i havent got any reply at all. All I am asking is a confirmation text or email about the status of the phone. They told me after 2 working days a support service will contact me but there is no one. I am bothered about th fact that i already use the credit card because you cant continue with the processing if you wont be able to pay for it. If i knew that online shopping is this slow , I would like to cancell the phone. Please help me with this problem. Thank you so much