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    Want to protect your phone from being lost?


      Hi there Guys,





      I know most of us love our devices and we pay a lot of cash to buy them. My objective for this thread is to share how we can secure or track our lost phone.


      I just want to share what I have read from other TECH website. I find it useful for the smartphone users out there.


      You can check the link below:

      Phone Tracker Information


      These are the featured applications and softwares how you can optimized your phone's security.


      FIND MY IPHONE ( For iOS  ) 

      Prey Project (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android) 

      Avast Security Suite (Android)

      Android Lost (Android)

      Blackberry Protect (Blackberry)


      Other tips;

      1. Complete Awareness - be wary where you use your phone (wag nyo masyadong ipangalandakan na maganda ang phone mo kasi magiging takaw nakaw yan.)

      2. DOG CHAIN - hahaha this just came inside my head when smoking at our balcony. ( Lagyan mo ng dogchain ang phone mo para di ma-snatch or mahablot sayo. Hehehehe )



      You can suggest other tips guys how to secure your phone.



      Hope this will be helpfull.







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          Dog chain.. a big help i guess.. thanks anyway
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            Yes sir i know hehe.. i will share if i have one.. thanks again..
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              Awesome thread, @slithethroat! You gave quite a number of good suggestions! And I actually do think something similar to a dogchain would work. Haha! Remember those wallet chain-things that were so cool more than a decade ago? Maybe something similar could work with cell phones. But I don't think those things will ever come back in style, despite their usefulness. :mantongue:


              Anyway, if anyone else has any other suggestions on how to protect or secure their phones, or even if you want to post stories about how you were able to protect or secure your phones, do it here! We'd love to hear your stories. :manhappy:

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                Good Day Everyone,






                                                                          Samsung Dive


                I will add another application that you can use on how to secure the phone.


                It would be the SAMSUNG DIVE for samsung mobile phones.



                • Locate my mobile - Not only is the current location of the lost mobile displayed on the map but also the movement history during the last 12 hours is displayed.


                • Lock my mobile - You can remotely lock your mobile so that no one else can use the device.


                • Ring my mobile - The bell rings for 1 minute at the highest volume regardless of the mobile's soundand vibration settings.




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                    question about samsung dive and all security apps.

                    does it really protects?
                    what if formatted ung phone?? mawawala din ba ung apps na yun??
                    as far as i know sa android you can easily deleted or format your phone through recovery mode which is very easy to learn.

                    i hope ung security apps is just like superuser which you cant delete it unless you unroot it..

                    no apps can replace your personal security to your phone.. ^__^
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                        @JonathanRoque ,

                        Yes no one beats the personal security to your phone.

                        These security applications can give you a chance to locate your phone if you misplaced it.

                        If happens na nanakaw ang phone mo. It has a feature as well to lock your phone and the person who stole your phone cannot unlock it without knowing the password you set remotely. They'll need to connect it to a computer first and have it wipe via the software applications. By that time there is a possibility you can track the phone.

                        It's just that sa Pilipinas di na natin mahahabol pag na snatch or holdap talaga. Sad Story. :smileysad:
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                      Meron kaya na root app na talagang nilalagyan IMEI lock or block sa Samsung? At sana mag lagay ang NOX ng security function na dinidisable yung Odin mode wahaha. XD

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                        For me ang the best anti-theft app is GotYa app. Aside from wipe up, loudest ring, sim change notification, mobile locating, the app also captures the user using the phone's front cam every wrong password attempt.

                        I experienced once, when I left my phone in our school's computer lab. The lab manager got my phone and trying to unlock my phone. When I noticed that my phone is missing, I logged in my Gmail account in my classmate's laptop and received emails from my phone with the location and the pictures of our lab manager. I got my phone back, and we were laughing with the pictures of our lab manager.

                        Like the other anti-theft apps, this needs an Internet connection to work perfectly.

                        PS: Nabalita din sa 24 oras yung app na yan, watch it on Youtube.
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                          Another alternative would be Cerberus... the feature I like most is when the phone PIN is entered incorrectly, it takes a picture via the front camera and sends it to your email address. The license is also good up to 5 devices. It's kinda pricey (at around P120 after 1 week of free trial) but it is worth it. Sometimes it goes on a promo (you get the license for free) which was how I got it.