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    Globe Platinum Status / VIP Clients


      We all know that Globe currently only considers Platinum Postpaid subscribers as VIP clients.


      Hopefully in some future time, the company can take a look into extending VIP promos and services (like having a relationship manager) to subscribers who own multiple accouns with an aggregate MRF of at least Php5000:

      • Example 1: Three accounts: MSP 1799 + MSP 1799 + BEMSP 1799 >= Php5000 monthly
      • Example 2: Two accounts: BEMSP 2499 + MSP 3799 >= Php5000 monthly
      • Example 3: Four accounts: MSP 1799 + MSP 1799 + MSP 999 + MSP 499 >= Php5000 monthly


        • Re: Globe Platinum Status / VIP Clients

          I totally agree with you.


          They could also devise a formula to factor in the length of one's subscription together with the number of accounts giving Globe an idea of the past revenues they have received and will continue to receive which I believe would even surpass the revenues being received from the many of the so called "platinum" subscribers.


          Perhaps some of the Community Managers here could serve as our de facto "Relationshop Oficers"? I'm sure they are monitoring our concerns and more or less know our personalities based on what we post.


          Knowing people from inside also has its perks... short of being treated like a VIP when seemingly "impossible" things are made possible. Yes, it happens. :smileywink:


          However, here are tips on how to get what you want even without a "Relationship Officer"... http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/General-Discussion/What-CUSTOMERS-CAN-DO-to-experience-Better-Customer-Service/m-p/11840#U11840

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