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    Issues with new Samsung Galaxy S4

      I got my galaxy s4 hardly one month back from globe and as of now all sensors have stopped working (accelerometer, light sensor, proximity sensor). It's not due to physical damage since the phone was never dropped. I tried some basic troubleshooting and even did a factory reset but it did not resolve the issue. I took the phone to globe store in market market and the rep there suggested I go to samsung service center at SM megamall which I did last saturday. They insisted on reinstalling the OS even though this clearly seems like a hardware issue. Needless to say, after 3 hours the issue wasnt resolved and then they wanted me to leave the phone with them for 5 days for troubleshooting. I cannot do that since this is the only phone I have. I realize getting this fixed through Globe would take even longer. Here are my concerns:
      Why should I have to buy a new phone just to get this one fixed when I got a premium (supposedly) product at a premium plan?
      Shouldn't the phone be replaced, no questions asked since it's hardly one month old (I know that's not what it says in the warranty)?
      If that's not possible shouldn't Globe at least give me a back up handset until this is fixed/replaced?
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          Hi cameltossis,


          your proposals are good but one sided

          it's not your fault why your phone is acting weird neither Globe's.


          You were given the option by the manufacturer to leave your phone so they can diagnose it further but you refuse due to personal reasons.


          Any premium device or appliances can have defects no matter how expensive it is. Can be during production in the factory, handling, or design problem. 


          Those are the reason why there is a so called 'Warranty'. 


          Let them diagnose your device, they will surely replace it if found defective, just take note of the warranty agreement.

          You can borrow old phones from your friend or siblings if you don't have one. :smileyhappy:


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            While I agree that its possible for any product to have a defect and its really not my fault or Globe's; the point I'm trying to make is why put a customer through such an ordeal? Why not take ownership of the problem by sorting it out with the supplier (in this case Samsung) with no impact to the customer? I know at some point I will get a working handset but why do I have to put in so much time and effort (and even money) for it?
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              Yep. Apple is definately way ahead when it come to customer service. All the more reason l regret giving up my iPhone 4S for Galaxy S4 :smileyhappy: In line with the example you gave I know for a fact that under similar circumstances in US, you dont even need to go to the manufacturer. Instead you just take the unit to the store or service provider (like Best Buy or Verizon) that you got it from and they would replace it immediately if under warranty. While we're not yet at that level when it comes to customer service but I feel that's how customers should be treated everywhere!
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                itatanong ko lang po.. I have a Samsung S4 here na nakuha ko sa Globe pero eversince I've been having issues with this unit. mahirap pindutin ung back at options na soft touch keys.. so I went to globe sm dasma para ipakita sa kanila ;to.. binigyan nila ako ng certification na ipepresent sa samsung para maayos ung phone.. when I went to Samsung, sabi nila itry daw nila kung maaayos ung phone by simply upgrading the software.. after 30mins, they gave back the phone but the issue wasn't resolved.. one of the techincians told me na iwan ko daw ung phone dun for 1week dahil papalitan daw nila ung sensors nung back at options.. hindi ako pumayag dahil wala pang 1month sa akin tapos palit agad ng piyesa gagawin.. binigyan na lang nila ako ng incident report dahil sabi ko papapalitan ko na lang ung unit sa globe.. so I went back to globe and presented the letter from Samsung.. unfortunately wala silang stock ng s4 hanggang ngayon..

                my question is.. pwede ba talaga na sa ibang globe center ako pumunta to replace the unit? i still have here the letter from Samsung and also the certification letter from globe dasma.. dated Jan19 but I got the phone last Jan6 pa.. pero nakanote na daw sa account ko na pumunta ako sa globe within 7days.. Jan11 ako pumunta, pero sa certificati jan12 kasi akala ko saka nung friend ko na nasa globe eh makakapunta ako sa samsung nung jan12 din.. pinalitan lang ng globe ung date sa certification kasi jan12  pa ung date na nakalagay..


                I called last night sa globe postpaid.. pero ang sabi kung sa ibang globe center ko daw papapalitan, itturn over pa rin daw nila un sa samsung to check the unit saka nila papalitan ung phone kung may prob talaga..


                I asked two representatives from globe yesterday para malaman kung pwede talaga un.. pero baka mamaya iba-iba ng rules ung mga globe centers.. :3