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    Postpaid Plan Application 3weeks and counting...




      I Applied a plan 1799 iphone5 at GBC at Festival Mall Alabang last June 1, 2013. I submitted complete requirements (2 valid IDs, latest 1month payslip, COE, Proof of Billing(PLDT Bill)) and they said that the processing will be 3-5 working days. But until now (June 17) wala pa din. Every week i go to GBC to follow up the status of my application and they always say to me that "it still on process/verification" ganito ba talaga katagal? I'm very disappointed.

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          Hello, ChristianArminLopez.

          Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you have come to share your Globe life with us.

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          I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my message.
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          Moving on with your concern.


          I understand your sentiments.


          Please understand that submission of complete requirments does not guarantee fast processing of Globe Line Application.


          But the Sales Specialist should have informed the cause of the delay.  You mentioned that you submitted One months paysilips and a Certificate of Employment (and Compensation).


          The Credit Team may need to verify these documents to your HR.  Maybe, just maybe, they haven't contacted your HR yet.


          Did you provide the contact details of your HR to the Sales Specialist?


          I suggest you visit the Globe Store in Festival Mall once again. If available, you want ot submit other proof of income such as but not limited to Credit Cards and Credit Card Statements.


          The fastest application processing before is one day. But I was recently informed that at times, the Credit Team require more time.


          I hope we hear from you again.


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              Hi WILLfindways, thanks for the reply.


              I put the Name/Email add/Contact No. of our HR coordinator on my Application Form. And I already asked our HR if someone from globe called him for some background check and He said, yes. I don't have any Credit Cards thats why i submitted my Latest (already paid) PLDT Bill. and they said, it's fine. I'm just frustrated because it's been 3weeks already.

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              We are on the same boat.
              I am still waiting and hoping for a globe personel's feedback with regards to my postpaid application.
              I even tried to contact the sales rep who called me before and talk2globe to make a follow up request. Both of them failed.

              Patience, patience, patience.