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    no response concerning application for extra phone


      We have been faithful Globe customers since 2004.  We currently have landline/broadband as well as four blackberry cellphone.  Two of our blackberry phones are down and need service and because of the long period of time sending them to Singapore for repair we decided to add one galaxy s3 plan 1799 to our billing.  It has been nearly one month and all we have from countless visits to the Globe carcar city store and many many phone calls to customer service and a packet of reference numbers.  Through the years we have paid our bills before the due dates. Previously we could easily add or renew a contract the very same day we applied.  Needless to say we are not pleased with the attitude of the "New Globe".  We have given up on Globe sorry to say.  Very inconsiderate service to faithful globe customer.  

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          I understand how you feel of being a long time subscriber and able to compare Globe's services throughout the years. There were a lot of times I felt they have turned from bad to worse and it would take extra efforts on the consumers to get what we want which in normal cases should have been the obligation of Globe as part of customer services.


          Yes, it would take a considerable time for a Blackberry unit to be repaired as it is brought to Singapore. Imagine the paperwork that has to be done here by Globe coupled by the other Blackberry units they have to wait for in order to make the shipment to Singapore economically sound plus the repair time then the paperwork in Singapore coming back to the Philippines and its delivery to the local branch and its eventual release?


          How we wish that Globe would take the extra mile to "compensate" for the inconvenience... the question is, do we have better choices? How sure are we that the other companies are not the same? Such is the sad state of our consumer environment which we all hope would change for the better sooner than later. 


          Regarding your application for a new line and if your claim is true that you have been following up your request, perhaps a more direct approach should be taken... why not ask the help of the Community Managers of this forum? Send them a private message with your reference numbers and hopefully they could assist you. Many of them are truly concerned.