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    Why is my account not updated with the Globe system?


      I have been paying my account for three (3) months in a row at Globe Centers, but whenever I inquire for a print-out of my postpaid business account, I found out to my disappointment that my account is still stagnant as of March 2013. The only way I knew of the amount I had to pay was through Globe Text Messaging.  I was informed prior that Globe was in process of updating its system (or rather migrating to 4G), but that was in February 2013. It is already June 2013 - does it really take this long? I thought Globe claimed itself as "the #1 in Postpaid".  This migration process has been taking too long....Any updates will be much appreciated.

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          Hi vevidente, I understand your concern. But we need to be patient for the transformation of Globe System for Better Service that will offers to us. About the bill, you can tweet @talk2globe to request a copy of your bill and they will send you a copy of your bill.

          Good day :smileyhappy:
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            Hi vevidente,

            Welcome to the Community.

            I totally agree with jhuan. Globe is in the process of enhancing/upgrading the network and their billing system. This transformation was communicated to all postpaid customers months ago. Unless you did not get the letter sent early this year.

            As ChitoReyes always says, "patience, patience, patience". Change is not easy and once this is over, we are going to expect a better Customer Experience.

            Regarding your bill or the amount you owe. I suggest you call the Hotline or Tweet @talk2Globe. They are readily available to assist you with your issue. I agree, posting of payments are delayed. I have experienced it too. Keep your receipts for your records.

            P.S. Yes, Globe is #1 in Postpaid.