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    Can I get my handset once approved?


      I recently applied for Globe Postpaid Plan 1799 with HTC One M7 handset. I received the call yesterday that my application has been approved already but it seems that the one that they approved is HTC One SV and note HTC One M7. So I told the globe agent that the one that I've requested is the HTC One M7 and not HTC One SV. The globe agent told me that since the one that was approved is HTC One SV and not HTC One M7 they need to process it again. The globe agent told me to wait 2 - 3 days for the call. One thing that is odd for me is when they called me during the approval process they always confirm what handset I requested and I always told them HTC One M7 and then they will give me HTC One SV??? My question is can I pick up my handset to Globe Tower Main Office in Pioneer since it has been approved already anyway and I just inform them that the handset that I want is the HTC One M7? Since I'd rather not to wait 2 -3 days for their call again. If i knew that application via hotline will take too long then I rather applied walk in instead. I have a friend that got her iphone5 yesterday via walk-in  with same day processing.


      Thanks for the help.