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    Foreigner - Applying for a postpaid account for new Galaxy S4 - Which documents?


      Hello everyone.


      I'm a US Citizen living in the Philippines on tourist visa (I keep extending every 2 months). I have no plans to return to the US. I would like to avail the 2500 plan to get the Galaxy S4.


      What documents can I use for the requirments below?




      I have a Philippines issued Alien Certificate of Registration/ACR-I Card (Tourist) and my US Passport.


      Is this good enough?




      I have an account with China Bank here in the Philippines which has my current home address on the statements. It does not match my ACR card above because I have moved since that was issued.


      Is this good enough?




      Can I use my China Bank statement as proof of income as well? I have an account with $600 USD and also one with P6,000 in it. I don't use this account much, but I can put more money in to it if needed. How much should I put in there to show proper proof of income? I also have a ton of US credit cards, US bank statements and US Based Pay Stubs, can I use these?


      What should I use here when applying at the store?


      Could I charge my monthly fees to a US credit card (in pesos of course)? I'd much prefer to do that.


      Please help me an answer each question. Thank you so much.



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          Hi, Mike.


          Thanks for your interest in availing a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Globe.


          If you're applying for a Plan with a handset, please take note of the following:
          1. Applicant must pay an upfront payment of Advance Monthly Service Fee (MSF) and handset/gadget cost (if any) AND
          2. Mandatory pre-payment of three (3) months MSF on top of the Advance MSF.


          As for the requirements, kindly see the below table taken from http://www.globe.com.ph/help/postpaid/plans/plans-general-faqs:




          In addition to the three requirements above, please also be ready with any of the following requirements:


          I-Card (replaced ACR)
          Immigration Certificate of Registration (ICR)
          Special Retiree’s Residence Visa (SRRV)
          Permanent Resident Visa
          Temporary Resident Visa or Working Permit
          Treaty/Trader’s/Investor’s Visa {under section 9D of the Philippine Immigration Act (PIA) of 1940}
          Pre-arranged Employee’s Visa (under section 9G of the PIA)
          Special non-immigrant Visa under PD1034
          Special non-immigrant Visa under EO226
          Certified Diplomatic ID card for diplomats/embassy staff
          Employment Certificate/Certificate of Employment
          Company Guarantee (if staying less than lock-up period)
          Philippine DOLE Alien Employment Certificate (AEP)