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    unable to receive calls when on LTE/4G signal using Samsung Galaxy S4


      I've been having this issue for 3 days already. Started when my friends started complaining that they are unable to contact my number. I wasn't using the phone at the time, it has 2 bars of 4G signal. To test, I called my own number using another Globe number and it just says that "the subscriber cannot be reached".  The only way that I can receive incoming calls is if I force the phone to pickup only GSM/2G/3G signals (GSM/WCDMA autoconnect on mobile network settings). Though it was something I've installed in my phone so I've reformatted my phone 2x already and tested if it has the same issue. Unfortunately, i'm still unable to receive calls.


      Is this really a feature of Globe's LTE network (if you're on LTE, you cannot receive calls)? or a network issue? or i'm just lucky enough to have this do not disturb feature?


      Would appreciate it if you'd comment if you have the same issues.


      Btw, I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 (globe issued), running latest stock Globe firmware build no JDQ39.I9505XXUBMEA

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          Hello, agent_alexie.


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          Moving on with your concern.

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          Maybe, just maybe, the 4G Signal in the location is not strong enough for you to receive calls.

          I experienced this with my #GlobeBlackBerryBold9900. Whenever I use 3G network mode only, either I can't call or the call gets dropped.

          So I switched to 3G/2G network mode.


          With my #GlobeBlackBerryZ10withLTE, I use 4G & 3G & 2G network mode.

          Give your smartphone all the available network modes.


          So it can switch to the stronger network mode Whenever, wherever
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            I'm using an Iphone 5 ios 6.1.4, using a corporate plan sim card. Upon replacing it to nano sim (same number) I can not receive an incoming calls, but I can make a call and send and receive sms. I went to Cust. service here in SM Pampanga, cust. representative inserted her sim card to my iphone 5 and can receive calls, but when my sim card inserted into her iphone 5 it also can not receive a call. ( It says: subscriber can not be reach.) I already done the hard reset, reset network settings and restore my iphone at itunes, still nothing happens. Is there a possibility that it is due to the networks on going upgrade? I even tried a smart sim card into my iphone 5 and it can receive an incoming calls. I already replaced my sim card under same number still problem occurs.

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              I have same problem so i switched to GSM only network.