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    Feedback from WILLfindways


      Hello, Fellow Creatures.


      Rise and Shine Bright Like Diamonds are Forever. 


      I just can't help but notice a creature' post with a remark addressed to some creatures trying to explain the reason for his post with a fear that his post will get deleted.


      Did anyone of you fellow creatures feel the same?


      Do you feel the need for approval in every post you make and every breath you take here in the Globe Community?


      You may send your comments/replies via Twitter @WILLfindways. 


      We accept the things we think we deserve. The Perks of Being WILL.


      P.S. Two of the Posts I wrote got deleted recently. I don't mind anymore. 


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          Kaya nga ako tinamad na ko mag post eh, dahil ganyan naman pala patakaran nila.

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            siguro hindi ako bagay dito, siguro ang gusto lang nila makita ay ang magagandang paksa sa Globe at ayaw nila tumanggap ng kritisismo.


            Siguro hindi tayo bagay dito, Siguro....


            ngaun lang ulit ako nakaranas ng sa tingin ko ay sobra o mali na pagmamanipula.


            hindi ko kinukwestyon ang posisyon ng moderator. ito lang ang nararamdaman ko bilang myembro ng site na ito.

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                Hello, Demerok.


                Maybe you are not meant to be. "Hindi kayo bagay nung moderator." You are both creatures not "bagay". I feel for you.  


                I thought Globe Community can be a venue where we can provide our comments, suggestions about Globe Telecom just like how BlackBerry users can in CrackBerry.


                I would like to remind the moderators about the Community Moderation Guidelines:


                1. 1. We acknowledge criticism of Globe products, services, policies and performance, but will not publish persistent misrepresentation of the Globe Telecom, our Board, our shareholders or our staff. For the sake of robust debate, we will distinguish between constructive, focused argument and propaganda or smear tactics.

                I don't think any of my posts here are mere propaganda or smear tactics, particularly the post regarding the Bill Shock.


                1. 2. We understand that people often feel strongly about the issues discussed on Globe Community, but we may reject or remove any content that others might find offensive or threatening. Please be pleasant and respectful of the opinions and beliefs of others. Written words may appear differently to others, so please consider the impact your comments may have on others.

                I have tried to be respectlful of the opinions and beliefs of other creatures here.  But I don't think the moderator has been respectful about some of my previous posts particularly on the Bill Shock and my belief that we are all creatures here.


                I don't deserve this and I don't accept this.


                We accept the things we think we deserve. The Perks of Being WILL.