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      What's with Globe's new system? They automatically terminated my account without my authorization. When I tried calling the hotline, they said that I have to go to one of their Business Centers to have it activated. I find that unacceptable since I was not the one who initiated the termination in the first place!!! So with much anger, I went to their Greenbelt branch only to find out that they have to change my number! Arrrgggggghhh!!! I had that number for 10 years!!! I have been a loyal subscriber for 10 years and this is how they treat me??? :smileymad: I want my number back but it seems they can't or won't do anything about it!!!


          Bad... really bad. seek help from greater powers and demand for something more.Technically they should be able to do something about it and i just don't know if they would excert the necessary efforts to do so (takes a more complicated process I was told).


          I have to be honest (just to give you an idea)... that happened to me with Smart and in return they gave me a phone number considered as a golden number. :smileyhappy:

            Hi gameshark,

            I feel for your frustration not able get your phone number back for 10 years. I find it unacceptable.

            A similar issue was posted weeks ago. Two accounts were terminated by a Globe CSR. The customer was so livid because she couldn't get the old phone numbers right away. She was told to wait for a couple of days to get them back. Here's the link to the discussion: http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/Globe-Postpaid/Bad-Customer-Experience-My-2-accounts-was-terminated-without-my/m-p/11600#M2192

            I am positive, they are able to provide you the old number back.

            Hope this helps.


              Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you have come to share your Globe life with us.

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              If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.

              Moving on with your concern.


              Please Keep Calm.


              The new system do not give a River Dam if you are a subscriber for 10 years or not.


              Do you really want your number back?


              Then continue to hope (and pray if you can) that Greenbelt 4 can help you regarding your concern.


              I suggest you seek the assistance of the After Sales Supervisor or maybe the Manager.


              Let them call the Support Team.


              I hope we hear from you again.


              We accept the things we think we deserve - The perks of being WILL


              P.S. I visited Greenbelt 4 Globe Store today. And I was assisted by the creaure there with flying colors.


              • Re: AUTO TERMINATED ACCOUNT?
                The system upgrade/transition really messed up many accounts and services.

                My mom's SUPERDUO add-on was "terminated" and no one requested for it. Globe is also saying she can't have her old DUO number back.


                Here's a part of the puzzling conversation between my mom and the CSR:

                CSR: Ma'am are you sure no one requested it last June 15?

                Mom: I never called Globe to have it removed. I never texted 8888 to unsubscribe.

                CSR: Sabi po kasi dito June 15 siya natanggal.

                Mom: Sino yung nag-request?

                CSR: Wala pong nakalagay kung sino.

                Mom: Diba you get the names of the people who ask for account changes? Diba nakasulat din kung sinong CSR ang tumanggap ng request for modification? Sino naman yung nag-execute ng unsubscription?

                CSR: ............ Basta nakalagay lang po dito June 15 siya tinanggal.


                Transactions are automatically happening without the consent of the subscriber!

                Maybe the system has a mind of its own.