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      Yesterday i check my unbilled balance it is only 19.15 and when i check it again this evening its already 738.15 i din't call anyone.. why is that?

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          We have noticed that the past few months have been very challenging to Globe's subscribers. The so called "system upgrade" has somehow affected a lot of things among these are:


          1. online, offline and SMS access to subscribers' records are not being updated.

          2. statements of accounts whether by email or courier service are being delivered late.

          3. activation of new sims take longer than usual.

          4. internet charges are being switched from time based to data based or vice versa.

          5. and many more (some I cannot even disclose)...


          While we cannot put aside that the jump in the charges could have been made due to other factors like data charges being unknowingly or accidetnally made, etc, it would be best to call the hotline for an acceptable explanation.

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              I am a new subscriber of globe postpaid.. I can't register my account so I can't look at my plan balance. I am shock about the jumping of the amount of my unbilled balance..
              I've been a subscriber of plan 1799 for less than a month only therefore I am sure than I have no debt with globe..
              I tried to contact the globe hotline but I could not reach them. (its always busy)
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                It is really frustrating that they could not correct the problem with the data charges.  I just called the customer service a while ago and she told me that they could not revert it as I have used it already.  How could it be when the charges is in KB instead of time and I do have a free 15 hours of mobile browsing. 

                As for the superduo, partly my mistake because I did not read their guide of which is not known to me before.  The customer service assured me that when ever I am in another place outside my home zone I could still use my duo in calling to my home zone.  Now the customer service said different that I could not use my duo in calling landline in my home zone... Which is which? I thought your customer service are well equipped and they should know what they are talking about because we subscribers are being asked to pay for your mistakes...

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                    Hi odizapantin! :smileyhappy:
                    When were you billed the KB browsing po? I'll just check on it, can you kindly PM me your mobile number?

                    Sorry for the confusion regarding SUPERDUO. Should you be outside Manila, reg po. For example you went to Pampanga and called a Manila landline number. Its no longer covered po by your SUPERDUO MM.
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                  Hi MIHARU,

                  Welcome to the Community.

                  Since you're online, might as well Tweet them @talk2Globe or text POSTPAID CHAT and send it to 1234 (it is for free).

                  Regarding online account registration, the portal is not available until further notice. Please refer to this thread:

                  Hope this helps. :smileyhappy:
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                    That's good to hear. :smileywink: