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    intermittent or unstable  dsl 3mbps plan 1599


      its been almost 2 months na po still may connection is intermittent or unstable. and ang dami ko nang job order from globe i dont know
      what's the cause but the technicians said d kinakaya ng supply ng power ng modem or router the model is prolink
      h5004n tapos un ibang tech na pumunta rin sa bahay is sabi di daw kinakaya ng modem un speed
      ng plan ko. kaya most of them suggested aztech white modem which is unaviable po "daw"
      ive read forums sa internet sa tipid pc may nakita ko same problem na didisconnect po kasi
      cya lets say 5- 10 mins palage . i have uncle sa globe pangasinan he said maybe my vip mac daw is unstable and ask to replace for it . june 19 2013  my technician nanaman from globe inayos after ayusin ived asked if still same ang mangyayari can i provide my own modem kasi sabi nila wla pang avialable na globe aztech dsl5001en sabi nila pede daw . di ko na alam mga sir any suggestion thanks