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    Samsung Galaxy S4 plan problems

      Globe reps, I'm super confused with your infos already. I reserved an S4 unit and paid a preterm fee (old BBMAX999 plan ends on Nov.) for me to avail the new unit. During the event at NBC tent on 4/29/13, I got my unit and under a recontracted plan. I asked the rep to give me the OLD unlisurf plan 999 and that the Php 14,400 cashout for the unit will have to be CHARGED TO BILL in an installment basis (14,400/ 24 months = 600 per month). I don't know how the LOYALTY team came up with the change from plan 999 (which was my request) to the new MyBestEver Superplan of 1799 (which I did not apply at all). My bill was even charged with the WHOLE cashout amount (which I requested for installment)! The reps were telling me that should i want the 999 to take effect, I will have to pay a downgrading fee. This is unfair. Look, I already paid preterm fees plus it is not my request to change the plan amount...so why should I pay for a mistake i did not commit??? ACTION PLEASE. This has been followed up for a month already!