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    1 month advance payment every month


      Do all postpaid subscribers pay 1 month in advance every month? 

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          Hi xtelmapa,


          not necessarily.

          You are not required to pay in advance for your monthly bill except some circumstances that a new line applicant is required to pay 1 month advance of the Plan.


          Please note, Globe has now penalties for late payment. :smileywink:

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            Hi xtelmapa,

            Yes, we pay for the services a month in advance.

            If you have a bill in front of you, try to look at the Bill Period in the first page of the bill. It is different to the Bill Period listed in the next page under Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF). If you notice, it is the next month's Bill Period.

            The bill we pay each month includes the MRF for the next Bill Period + overages + share-a-load + other transactions. The overages, share-a-load and other transactions include your usage for the Bill Period indicated in the first page of the billing statement.

            Hope this helps.
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              So ang labas prepaid kana, hindi na postpaid. It will create confusion 'coz the over charges is for the last billing cycle but the MRF is for the next billing cycle. What frustrates me is that for my other bills (globe landline and broadband data only), I'm billed for the last billing cycle. Then this fir my mobile, my billing cutoff is on the 20th of the month but I'm already given a due date of the 11th before my billing cycle ends.