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    Call Got Disconnected

      Disclaimer: This is based on my personal experience.

      Globe Telecom customer service really needs to be overhauled start with their tech support reps and above, apparently they can unregister your sim card so the call will be disconnected and you will get No Service on your phone. It happened to me twice today around 3:30 am. I did call Globe Telecom cust service hotline, 211 using my phone, agent ztcm0827 answered my call. I asked for a supervisor. He placed me on a brief hold twice then the call was ended because I lost my signal and getting error msg: No Service. I called back 211 using my mom's phone and found out that my sim card was unregistered as per agent zabs636, I asked her why it was unregistered she said she don't know. I was transferred over to zpti5758 so thely can make a request to reregister my sim card. They created a case for it with case number: 50651985 created by a supervisor. I asked her (the supervisor) to create a request for investigation regarding my sim card being unregistered and bill adjustment as well. After that I asked the supervisor to transfer me to tech so I can follow up my case for not being able to connect to the internet here at my house for around five months now. I was transferred over to ztcm0868 I then asked if I can speak to a sup, to my surprised same thing happened to me, my mom's phone she lost her signal and the call dropped again and the SIM card has been unregistered for about 10-20 mins. After 20 mins instead of calling 211 I did dial 7301000 and ztcm0868 answered my call again. He is defending that he didn't do anything blah blah blah. I asked again to speak to a sup. A supervisor finally talked to me and he said that his agents doesn't have a way to unregister sim cards yadda yadda yadda...

      How come it happens to me twice and it happens when I asked for a sup.

      So either the agent or the sup who was responsible for this. It's your call guys but for me I'm traumatized to call Globe again. Horrifying.

      Ugh, I really hope Globe do something about this. Worst customer service ever.
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          the thing is, we are being rendered helpless by the agents in the hotline, i mean they can mess up your account and all.. when I went to the globe store to complain regarding the hotline customer service, they told me they dont have access to any of our concerns except getting a new sim, registering.. bills and other tech stuff even recontracting, terminating your plan goes to the hotline which is crazy..they are the store, they should have more access than the agents on the phone right?
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              Totally, The agents on the hotline have many departments while globe store have few agents, few departments and few access.

              BTW, Unregistering and registering of sim cards are not handled by the agents but their support team and they will do it within 24 hours sometimes within 2-3 hours. Maybe there is an ongline network issues or there is a temporary problem to the tower you are connected to.