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    How long does it usually take to activate SIM especially if you applied online?


      I received my phone last June 18, 2013 around noon and as per my conversation to an operator when I followed-up my application that it will take usually 24-48 hours for my SIM to be activated but up to now June 25, 2013, my SIM is still not activated as per checking my phone by restarting it (the battery cannot be remove because my phone is HTC One but the operator always telling me to remove it everytime I call them for an update). My last follow up was last night and the operator told me that it was still not activated and I should wait around 24 hours (already called Globe Hotline for the nth time) and still up to now to no avail. I'm always been a Globe Prepaid user since 2004 and this is the first time I've applied for a line/postpaid and I'm already disappointed and annoyed but I just can't scold an operator because their online sales employees are not doing their jobs. I don't know how hard for a Globe online sales employee to activate a SIM or maybe their not doing their jobs properly but whatever they do it will always be Globe's reputation that will be on the line. :smileysad: