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    Billing Problems

      I am just a new postpaid subscriber of globe and it's been two months already but I haven't received any bill yet. Can I pay even without presenting any bill and when can globe send me my bills? Thank you in advance.
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          Yes, you can pay your bills even w/o a hard copy of your bill. Just make sure you have a right account # of your postpaid plan.

          If you want to know you outstanding balance & account #, please dial *143# and follow the instruction.
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            Globe has been experiencing a lot of delays lately mainly due to the ongoing system update.


            I don't think Globe would refuse payment from their subscribers so yes, you can pay even without your bill. However, I'm sure you'd want to check the charges imposed on you before making any payment so you could request them to send you a copy of your latest bill or just go the your nearest Globe center and request to access your account so you may know how much to pay.

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              Actually me too... Di nagmamatch yung globe bill ko sa autodebit ko sa credit card ko.parang over charge ako masyado ng globe pero maayos yung sa credit card ko. I havent raised this discrepancies to globe. Do i have to worry about this one considering tama ang dinidebit sa credit card ko?