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    Question about Remaining Peso Value


      Hi. I have the plan 1799. I have 501 peso value left from my plan. If I register for idd 30, will 30pesos be subtracted from 501? Or do I have to pay for 30 pesos + 1799 on my next bill? Thanks.


      Also, yesterday, I called my dad who is currently at Dubai for 2 mins, how much would that be and would it be subtracted from my 501 consumable peso or be billed on my next payment?

        • Re: Question about Remaining Peso Value
          Your IDD 30 will be billed on top of the 1799.
          After you use up your IDD 30 allotted minutes, your excess calls will be subtracted from the PV.

          If you want, you can use your remaining PV to avail several units of Combo E (100 PV for 5 International Minutes + 5 International SMS).