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    Manila for Foreigners


      Hi! :cathappy:


      I love travelling overseas so i develop friends abroad, who in turn, love travelling too.


      I love inviting them to the Philippines - i mean, why not! There's so much to see in 1,107 islands right?

      However, i am dumbfounded when they ask me - what is there to see in Manila?


      Aside from the terrific night life Manila can offer, Intramuros, Chinatown, Serendra,BHS, Mall of Asia, McKinley's Piazza, what else can i suggest to them to visit in Manila?


      Last time a japanese friend who visited Manila and Luneta/Rizal Park and he was robbed. I felt terrible!! 

      Maybe there's some place in Manila that's "tourist-y" but wouldn't be dangerous / traumatizing / would leave a bad image of our country that i haven't heard of/encountered before.


      I'm very open for suggestions! :cattongue: