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    globe billing vs auto debit credit card


      Friends, I just want to know if you encounter some discrepancies between your globe bills and your auto debit charges in your credit card.


      As of now, I am currently paying the right amount in my credit card, however I am worried regarding my bill because it charged me more than what they debit on my credit card.


      Lastly, I am debited regulary but I noticed that it doesn't reflect my payment updates on globe bills.


      Any similar situation like this.


      Please let me know your thoughts about this.

        • Re: globe billing vs auto debit credit card
          Hi @glennshawncad - There is an on-going billing system enhancement and most likely, payment posting is impacted by this activity.

          As long as you have a proof or email confirmation about these payments, you are good.

          Please get hold of @talk2Globe in Twitter or call 211. Provide them the OR or Confirmation Number to these payments you made. So they can log a note/document in your account. They are available 24/7.

          Hope this helps. :smileywink: