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    wimax connection weak!!!


      Hi Good Day, I'm new subcriber for your WIMAX unlimited internet last 06/21/13. Your installer informed me the speed or mbps is not yet 1mbps, after 3days starting to informed the Globe in Manila for activation of my modem that the time my speed will turn to 1mbps. Sadly since the day installed I never enjoy using your internet due to the weak speed. where is their promises 1mbps after 3 days??? Every time I surfing it appear this frequent message on my screen "This webpage are not available". I used youtube or games in the few minutes it will stop and said "unidentified error". When I tried to used my smartBro stick it's working properly. Why Globe cannot??? Please help me to resolved this problem as soon as possible before I withdraw my account. Thank you.


      Alma Casipong

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          Hi, I would like to know about this problem


          1.What is the modem?

          Is it the Bm622m, Bm622i or Bm622 - You can check out at or


          2.Can you ping?

          How to test ping:
          1. press window key + R
          2. type "cmd" and click okay.
          3. type "ping jeiannueva.tk" or "ping google.com.ph"
          4. If the results have a maximum of morethan 300ms. It is considered failed.
          5. Contact your ISP


          3. If the ping site result is OK, double check your browser's settings, proxy, and firewall/antivirus. If the settings are correct and you still cannot browse, use a different browser or reinstall your current browser.

            * This maybe a cause with your current browser


          4. If the Ping result for your modem is Request time out or the host cannot be reached, go to the TCP/IP settings and set it to "Obtain IP Address Automatically"

            * This may happen if recently install or change network settings


          5.Check your signal bar strength. If it's low, place your modem in a different area to get a better signal.

            * Please check the 7th.


          6. Remove any 3rd-party devices such as router

             * If the problem is the router, Please change or update the firmware of your router


          7. Also, check your modem brand and the modem signal 
          Check if your modem has low connection signal: 
          If your modem is HUAWEI BM622 – 1 bar means the signal low 
          If your mode is Huawei BM621 ,BM 25,BM22i - 2 bars means the signal is low 
          GREENPACKET – red signal means the signal is low

           * If failure contact ISP and request for J.O


          If you cannot still find the solution here. Create a J.O now at the hotline or chat them at http://chat.globe.com.ph