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    Help on my [email protected] connection!


      Hello! I’m having a hard time trying to connect online with my DSL. I see that my modem’s LAN LED is not lighting up. Could that be the reason?:smileymad:

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          This happened to me before! I just checked the connections on my modem and made sure that all the LED bulbs are lighting up. I then tried to turn the modem off, then on. It actually worked as a basic troubleshooting step. You can try that too and let me know if it also worked.


          Others have any other suggestions? :smileyhappy:

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            Make sure that all LED bulbs are lighted. For more troubleshooting, turn-off your modem for 10 seconds before turning it back on. After all the LED lights up, you should be enjoying browsing and surfing. If problem persists, call the Hotline. :smileyhappy:
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              If you're using a laptop, you're probably connected through wifi and you're not using a LAN cable, so LAN LED light will be off. But if you're using a deskstop PC, you must be connected through a LAN cable. In this case, if the LAN LED is not lighted, then either the LAN cable is not properly connected to your modem or to your PC. If properly connected to both, try changing the LAN cable.

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                hi. try to check the device if it is DISABLED, one reason why. go to your network connection (if it is disabled, right click and click on ENABLE...(network connections is in the Control Panel). both applies if you are using a laptop or a desktop - if you are using cable ofcourse.


                same as it WiFi, sometimes the device is DISABLED.


                for laptop, press and hold FN key and the Function keys with a WiFi icon (could be F2 or F5 or F7 so on)