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    Using Verizon phone (APN problem?)


      I have a Verizon Note 2.  I have read mulitiple instances where this phone can successfully be used outside the US with a local sim card.


      I bought a Globe prepaid sim and loaded it with 1500p.  I went online at the globe website and created a promo for that phone that included texts, phone time, and data usage. After creation, I received a congratulations text from globe, acknowledging the purchase.  That left about 180p available after that purchase.  Now when I place a call, it uses that money left over, when I expected it to use the minutes from the promo I created.


      I'm wondering if this could be an issue with how I configured the promo, or if it could be related to how I configured my phone.


      When I text GO to 2951, I receive "You have entered an invalid keyword".  I looked up APN settings on the web and set that up myself, using


      APN: http.globe.com.ph




      MMS Proxy:


      MCC: 515


      MNC: 02


      APN Type: default, supl


      Thank you in advance for reading :smileyhappy: