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      I pay for my mom's tipid 500 plan. Ive been getting 2 billing statements. I already talked to a cust svc rep but it hasn't been solved and got hung up! And til now I cant connect thru 7301000.

      These are my problems.

      1. I get 2 billing statements with different aacct numbers and amount due.

      2. I got charged with "bill resending" without being informed and its because you werent able to send my previous statements.

      3. I pay thru sm globe centers and my payments are not posted in the bill.


      Your assistance on this is highly appreciated


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          Hi @ReginaO

          Welcome to the Community.

          I will make it short and simple. Items # 1 & 2 - Please get hold of @talk2Globe if you have a Twitter account. They are in a better position to discuss this with you. Item # 3 - Due to billing system enhancement, payment posting is delayed.

          You were hang-up on when calling 211. Last option is going to the nearest Globe Business Center.

          Hope this helps. :smileywink: