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      Lately, I am having problems with globe, which started when they failed to post my payment for 9 days, if I didnt go to the store in which i paid my bill i guess it will nver be posted because everyday i do ff-up on the hotline, i have so many ref numbers that I lost count.Next is when they overcharged me by 4k on my bill, which was fixed by agan going back to the store and talking to them for an hour.. but the biggest hassle of all is when  applied for my loyalty. I opted to recontract, I choose paln 1799, with an iphone 5, the frst time I called, they told me there is no availble unit and they dont know when exactly will they get the units, next is during the application, they had cancelled my order 4 times , they say it is due to a system error, noone knows why, finally the answer to that is that I need to lessen the combos I choose. Then when everything else is fixed, approximately from June 11 until June 26.. they said the unit will be deliverd on June 26, I even called earlier that day just to confirm , they said evrything is ok and that it will be delivered, I waited in vain,,, when i called again, they told me that the delivery didnt oush thru because f the lack of nano sim which i find absurd.. I told them to deliver the unit and I;ll go to the nearest globe store to get a nano sim,.. they said it will be escalated , wait fr 24-48 hrs for a feedback, someone will call me.. It's already past the TAT, Im getting so frustrated and calling globe evryday is not one of my favorite things to do. it is dreadful, a waste of time,, question is, how come those who are applying for a new plan get their phones so fast? I mean it's easier to get a new plan than the loyalty rewards? is this our reward for being loyal? Everytime I ask for a supervisor, there is always no availbe sup on the hotline.. I've been calling globe everyday since June 11 and frankly Im getting tired of dealing with globe.. why do u call it rewards when you have given me such  hard time?


          it happens to me also, am also thinking of getting a new line instead of that loyalty reward but opted not to just because my number is so special to me now.

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            Hello, @tonie 


            Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you that you come to share your Globe life with us.

            Before you proceed in reading my reply, please take note of the following:
            I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my message.
            It is my personal belief that we are all created. Therefore, we are all creatures here.
            If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.


            Moving on with your concern.


            This is not a Loyalty Rewards Issue.


            This is Recontracting and or Change of Plan Issue.


            To answer your question.


            It is not true that those who are applying for new plans get their units faster than for those who are recontracting.


            It all depends on the inventory of the Sales Channel.


            I suggest you stop calling the Hotline and visit any Globe Store. I suggest you visit Greenbelt 4.


            Talk to an After Sales Specialist. Tell them that you don't want to talk to any of the creatures from  the hotline.


            By the way, this is the new Rewards Program of Globe Telecom. http://rewards.globe.com.ph/


            I don't feel sorry for some creatures who cannot move on and accept change.


            I believe.

            You cannot teach old dogs new tricks.

            While some creatures here may be old, I am sure they are  not dogs. (But I have a little doubt.)

            There is still hope for them.

            I, Thank You.


            Oh Well.

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              Speaking of Loyalty, I realized that Globe haven't given me any physical rewards in my almost 4 years of subscription with their DSL service. No fancy gadgets or company souvenirs chenes :smileyhappy:


              Physical rewards like pins, mugs, bags, keychains, etc. which will serve as ads for Globe as well. Imagine, having a pin on my bag that says "I'm a happy Globe subscriber".


              Di ba? Dual purpose :smileyhappy:

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                  Hi @elmer0224

                  Please continue your participation in the Community.

                  Sometime last month, I got an invitation from the Community Manager - @GlennO and I was given a couple of Globe Community merchandise.

                  Our efforts are being recognized here in the Community and I can attest to that.

                  Lend that helping hand. :smileywink:
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                  Loyalty rewards as a postpaid subscriber is not equal to being active in the community.

                  Oo nga pala, may freebies pala pag nakita ng community managers na active ka. (Sabi ko kasi sa kabilang topic "walang perks") :smileyhappy:
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                    Up untill now walang call from globe regarding my s4. Wala na ngang loyalty wala pa din yung phone
                    This is my 3d contract and ngayon pa nagka super delay. Whats happening. Climate change?
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                        Regarding sa system error ng globe on billings hindi ka nagiisa. Alam ko most of the subscribers may error sa billing.

                        Due to system upgrade ng globe.


                        Sad to say ako din naexperience ko yan on applying a reward for my mothers account.

                        They say may mga handset choices open for rewards pero may added charge which is nakakadismaya din

                        A few years back free ang retention program nila.

                        Maybe its just the plan type kung saan ka makakakuha ng free handset.

                        Un siguro dahilan kung bakit sila nagoofer ng other loyalty rewards like rebates.


                        In my own opinion lang @GlennLiwanag why not buy a new handset for slightly higher price then avail of the rebates?

                        In this way naoffset kahit papano yung expense sa brandnew handset and less hassle on waiting for a new handset delivery.

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                        Good service is an enough reward for us to be loyal..isn't it?
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                          Yeah. And also a nice planner every christmas lol
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                            Thats true and a trip to another country would do...lol
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                              @elmer yeah. I remember citybank always give me gift every year for being a good customer. :smileyhappy: