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    About port fowarding problem


      Sr. i need ur help

      am always do port forward for a server and it works fine..

      but 3 days ago all port's that i open is now closed ..

      i do all i can to open again the ports but not successful it's always says TIMED OUT when i check the port sniffer
      and i configured it correctly but still unsucessful

      but yesterday i discovered that if i restart the modem (H5001N official prolink firmware) and it change the external ip like this or any ip that starts with 180 will open the port's

      but if i restart it again and it changes the external ip and will become incendentally to 10.xxx.xxx.xxx or any ip that starts in 10 the port's can't open until i restart the modem and hoping that the ip is in 180..

      so my problem is if the External IP is 10.xxx.xxx.xxx the port's will become close..

      and if the External IP is 180.xxx.xxx.xxx the port's will open

      can i or you in globe can fix this problem in port forwarding because it's too annoying

      can u help me fix this..

      or just change the ip range to 180 and not in 10

      i have 2mbps globe tattoo @home plan...

      Sorry if my english is wrong am just desperate to fix this... :smileyhappy:

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          180.xxx.xxx.xxx is a external i.p while 10.xxx.xxx.xxx is a private space. If you got the 180.xxx.xxx.xxx you could have a direct connection outside the network while if you got 10.xxx.xxx.xxx you are travelling a router and you and someone share with the same external I.P

          Globe does not have a problem You said you have [email protected] right? Globe Residential Subs have Dynamic I.P Addresses while Globe Commercial Accounts have Static I.P addresses (For DSL)

          If it is a commercial account please talk to your dedicated account manager