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    How to totally disable / cancel infosite subscription..


      a few months ago i had subscribe to a site that offer free pics and everyday i receive a text with an image..but when i decided to cancel my subscription, the site still sends me the content. it displays "FREE" but everytime i reload my balance drained to zero... 


      Here's what i did:


      CHECK (sent to 8933)


      8933: You are currently subscribed to : *****


      STOP ALL (sent to 8933)


      8933: Your ***** subscription has been deactivated. For other services, text Help to 8933 for free.


      after a few moments:


      8933:**** Please click the link for free content http://****asdfkajfkaljdfakdfjakldf


      i thought my subscription was already deactivated. how come i still receive text message from that number. my fresh load always gets sucked by that content. i dont know what to do, please help...