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    mobile data vs mobile signal

      Pahelp naman po. My problem is this, just recently my mobile data signal fluctuates along with the mobile signal. The weird thing is when my mobile signal goes up- my mobile data signal goes down (from 4g to edge) and when my mobile signals goes down- my mobile data signal goes up (from Edge to 4g). Im at the same area. No ongoing repairs. Made all the basic troubleshooting.

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          Please note that mobile signal for calls and mobile signal for data are two different things as some areas really have strong mobile call signals but are not necessarily covered by the kind of data signal that we want. In fact we have a very strong presence of Globe for calling but we don't have any LTE signal.


          In addition, having LTE signal or even full 3G reception doesn't mean your internet's bandwidth is at the maximum expected. When you see a "full reception bar", it merely means that physically, your phone is covered with the cellular signal.

          When it comes to the bandwidth itself, your connection could still be slow due to various different reasons, such as being in an area with many other users from the same provider, thus congesting the network.


          Depending on the device that you are using and the area you are in, it might be best to experiment locking your network mode settings to LTE or WCDMA only, WCDMA preferred, or Automatic.


          By the way, it could be noted that there are may indications that Globe's LTE is being tweaked and that could also be a reason for your problem.

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            Thanks for the reply. But as i have stated above. There is no tweaking or repairs or enhancements going on in my area. As i have checked with globe. Again, i have only experienced this problem recently, meaning everything was fine and dandy before. I repeat- the problem is FULL MOBILE SIGNAL= EDGE CONECTIVITY. 1 OR 2 BAR SIGNAL= H+ CONECTIVITY. SAME AREA. its erratic. And yes i have experimented with the mentioned settings above with no luck.
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              this means that on your area, the strongest signal available is EDGE so your signal bar is at high peak... bud since EDGE is a 2G mobile internet connection... it is natural that your Mobile Data connection is Low or Slow....

              if your Mobile internet signal is LTE and that indicates it is 4G... it is Fast.. though since it is WEAK.... it is natural that your signal bar indicates LOW.

              and this also means that your Phone Settings for Wireless and Network connection under Network Mode is in Auto Mode... solution so that your phone wont constantly searching for strongest signal is to Put your Network Mode to WCDM/LTE Only or LTE Only so that it will only acquire 3G/4G signal or 4G signal only. and when your are on a location where there is WEAK or no 3G/4G signal... your phone signal bar will indicate NO SIGNAL at all.
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                Gail .

                Just to add up, have you tried sim\phone swapping if applicable to further isolate the issue since you mentioned that it just happened recently?