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          Depends on your need. You can definitely control your spending more with Prepaid since you can just not add load if you go overbudget :smileywink: but Postpaid allows you a bit more flexibility. Also, a Postpaid number lets you retain your number even if you lose your simcard.
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            Prepaid! GoSakto is one mighty weapon.
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                Based on my experience. I can say that Postpaid is way more efficient than using prepaid. Cause you just need to pay once a month. Lets say you are a heavy texter or you frequently make calls to the same network I say that we can use the plan 599 or plan 600 of globe for unli call and text. Plus not like prepaid you need to go to a store to buy a prepaid card or eload. What if its already late and the stores near your place is already closed and you have an emergency in regards of calling or texting someone where would you go to have a prepaid card, not like in postpaid you just need to always make sure that your phone is charged and you can immediately make a call or text. :smileyhappy:

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                    Talking about kingice's post 2 weeks ago in the first page. Since the reply was posted 2 weeks ago it's not the same anymore. If the consumables can be registered to a certain promo it would be great but now it says that the payment for registering is charged on top of the plan and not deducted on the consumables. This is incredible, I thought that it can be used for promos but it's not and it's my first month of using postpaid. -_-

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                    If you're yet to decide which one is better, I suggest Globe's Load Tipid Plan. It lets you enjoy the convenience of one-time payment that POSTPAID subscribers enjoy, at the same time avail of the existing PREPAID promo offerings.
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                      if we talk about offers, Prepaid has better options. 

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                        POSTPAID! Powerful yan. even in times of Emergency. Maaasahan. Mahusay. :smileyhappy:

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                            It's almost 4 weeks since I submitted my application @ GLOBE EMALL CEBU. Chatted with you guys through Globe Chat-Assist for almost 3 weeks now. Went back @ GLOBE EMALL CEBU 4 times. Chatted again with JOHN LARRY and MARK 2 days ago. They "ASSURED" me that I will recieve a feedback/results within 24-48 hours regarding my Globe PostPaid Application Order no. 51088664.  But it has been more than 24-48 hours. So I chatted today with Julie, Vladimir (Your Globe Chat-Assist agents) And guess what??? Application still PENDING since AUG12,2013 until today.


                            WOW! WHAT A GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE for GLOBE!


                            Is this how you treat your customers? Yung effort nang customers to comply the PostPaid requirments just to be with GLOBE binabalewala nyo lang...

                            Sabi nyo: "Maam/Sir 5-7 Business days lang yung application process and u'll know if it's APPROVED or DECLINED"


                            Really? So what happened to your 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS TIMEFRAME?


                            How would you feel if this happened to you? 

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                            Globe have this Power this is Load Tipid Plan. It is the Power of Postpaid and Prepaid. you will billed every month depending the Plan you choose without overbilled so no more overspending..

                            but if you want to overspend just Load like a prepaid... :smileyhappy:

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                              PREPAID ka nalang unlike ako disappointed sa sa line walang kwenta yung CONSUMABLES nila it's like a scam

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                                I never go back to prepaid after using postpaid, im not a heavey texter or caller, Plan299 was enough for me, the mean reason of applying postpaid is the hassle free of reloading specially in times of emergency, you're always on the Go.

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                                  1) you can always subscribe with new call/txt/data or GLOBE GOSAKTO promos

                                  2) you are not tied up with monthly bill

                                  3) perfect for students, OFWs or to those consuming less on call, txt and data


                                  1) You need to buy a load everytime. Imagine running out of load late at night or possibly in a middle of nowhere such in a province or when you're in vacation.

                                  2) Once you lost your sim card you cannot get another prepaid sim card with the same number.





                                  1) Flexibility to change / upgrade or add booster plans (globe load tipid plan not included)

                                  2) Call / TXT / Internet anywhere.

                                  3) You can always get the same Globe postpaid number once you lost your sim card. (contacts not included)

                                  4) Perfect for young professionals who uses data/ internet, calls and text everytime.



                                  1) You cannot downgrade your plan easily because you need to pay for early termination fee and etc.

                                  2) Spam txt messages from numbers you don't know.

                                  3) You cannot convert your postpaid number to a prepaid number.

                                  4) Recycled postpaid numbers




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                                    1. Answer depends on several factors. Where or what you use your phone for. If you need to make call brigade to other Globe subscribers unlimited, then its better to opt for Postpaid unli call and text. If you are a on tight budget or use the phone sparingly, then prepaid is the way to go. But a postpaid line is not that expensive and not really distant from a prepaid.


                                    2. There are perks to a Postpaid. You can choose your number (from a list). You can even have a handset free. You can also have another handset free after 2 years (contract) as a way of reward. You never go out of load esp. in times of emergency. You don't have to buy cards or autoload. Just pay at your convenient period or method. For me, i just pay whenever (as long as you don't receive your disconnection notice yet). I also pay any amount, sometimes advancing credits.


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                                      Post paid!dahil libre ng company q....ahihihihi
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                                        I'm a postpaid subscriber for a total of 8 years already.. :smileyvery-happy:

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                                          Before subscribing to Postpaid, you can see this checklist:

                                          1. The price of the plan will be the amount you should consume within a month. You should consume to reach the quota of maximizing the usage of the plan.( e.g Plan 999, this plan has other freebies for text/call plus consumable of 999. Make sure to use 999 for text/call and also use the text/call freebies)

                                          2. Compare the market of the handset in your plan compare to your choosed Plan. If the Plan exceeds the market value, it's not worth it. (e.g Plan 1000 with Handset A, Handset A has market value of 16,000. This plan is locked for 2 years. You are paying the handset in first year of your subscription, so Plan 1000 times 12 = Php 12,000. Php 12,000 vs Php 16,000 market value is not bad to get the Plan 1000 with Handset A.)


                                          Reward if helpful. Thanks!

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                                            postpaid! i definitely maximize the use of LTE.. :smileywink:
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                                              Postpaid - I have a phone to use in case of emergency. At times, I hate looking for a loading station or 7-11's reloading system is down. :smileyvery-happy:
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                                                Is it true that postpaid has faster connection compare to prepaid? I have subscribed for globe postpaid because of this. Been using Globe prepaid for 12 years. >.<