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    S4 Plan 999 + 600 via Credit Card




      I'm planning to get S4 Plan 999 + 600 /mo with 14,400 cash out. How does this work? How much should be the credit limit? and how much will be charged to my credit card? the cash out of 14,400 or 1600 every month? please explain. Thanks

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          From what I know it's either you pay the Php 14,400 one time (either cash or credit card) or Php 600 x 24 months via credit card and billed by your credit card company.


          The plan 999 would be billed separately by Globe for 24 months.

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            Hi kdliza,

            In order to proceed in applying for a postpaid application. You must first meet the requirements from Globe especially on financial matters (e.g ITR, Credit Card Statements, Bank Statements, COE, etc.) and make sure your Secured CC must cover the total cash out fee.

            According to your concern, you will be cash outing a total of P14,400 in order to avail the Samsung Galaxy S4 which will be paid in full, 6 months, 12 months, or in 24 months.
            Take note that Globe will only bill your plan which is Plan 999 (Php 900.00 / month *not including your unbilled charges). The Php14,400 will be billed separately from your plan which is automatically credited on your card (if you use credit card) or paid via cash.