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    Mobile gadget

      ,it is possible to change my gadget and get a new one or a different unit while staying on the same plan?
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          It would only be possible if you are not under contract anymore (outside the lock-in period) or up for re-contracting.

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            Moving on with your concern.


            You may only be allowed to avail of another gadget if you pre-terminate your existing contract. Of course, you may need to pay pro-rated pre-termination fees.


            And Yes, you may stay on the same plan or avail of the all new Best Ever My Super Plan after the pre-termination.


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              @allanmark Yes possible under early recontracting. Pre termination will totally erased your account in Globe Database, it is like applying a new Line while recontracting allows you to continue your current account, plan, number, and bill number.


              Both option has corresponding payment/fees needed to settle.


              For further assistance tweet @talk2Globe or call the Hotline 211, BTW recontracting is handle only by Hotline(Loyalty Department)

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                  Hello, @hcescala .


                  I will not beg to disagree with you.


                  Pretermination will not "totally erase the account". 


                  It will just terminate the current contract or end the lockup period.


                  The creature can still use and abuse the same account number,  plan, and mobile number. 


                  Please correct yourself if you are wrong.

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                  ,thank you for the reply guys..,learning is Definitely awesome with you...
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