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    How can i get rid of internet charges


      How can i get rid of internet charges for my bb 9220? My current plan is zero out plan 599 and i am always charged for internet usage on top of my fixed plan without me browsing the net. 

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          Moving on with your concern.


          Since you are using a BlackBerry 9220, I will assume thay you are at lease subcribed to BBChat or BB Messagingor BB Social.


          Before, subscription to any of these promos does not allow mobile browsing.  I don't know what happened to these promos, but I only encountered invalid charges in my BB Storm 9550 and not for my BB 9700 and BB 9900.


          If you really want to get rid of the mobile internet charges, you may request for the deactivation of your mobile internet. This was the ultimate resolution made on one of my Consumer Lines early this year. 


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