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    Billing Dispute


      I'm not a fan of getting into the details of my bill. Can anyone give me a tip on how to detect that there are fraudulent charges on my bill?

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          Hello, rdgualupe.


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          Moving on with your concern.


          So you are not a fan.


          I am not sure if there can be fraudulent charges in your account.


          But you may only check for INVALID charges. Invalid and Fraudulent are two not the same.


          But here's my Best Ever Advice for you before I finally join my creature officamates in our Zumba Class.


          Study your Billing Statement. Know your subscriptions.


          The First page of your Billing Statement normally presents the Statement Summary which may include the following:


          Previous Bill Charges

          Current Bill Charges


          The Second page of your Billing Statement normally presents your Month Recurring Fee (MRF), Usage (Call and SMS and Data Charges)

          The MRF may include the list of your Plan Subscriptions, Freebies, etc.


          The Third pahe of you Billing Statement normally presents the Summary of Usage Charges.


          If you find anything abnormal, beyond normal, sub normal in any of the items in your BIlling Statement, there might be a possibility that you exceeded your normal usage or maybe, just maybe , or there are invalid charges to your account.



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            Hi @KatMasinnay :smileywink:

            I do not take a "no" for an answer. I always escalate my issues to someone in authority.