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    HELP (about my first bill)





      Hi! need help about my first bill. The bill covers my may 25-26 consumption. and they asked me to pay php 999.00.

      tama lang ba yung bill ko?

      stated on the bill

      Combo All Net PV100 (5 Mins and 100 SMS) 0.00
      Combo SuperSurf PV999                                0.00
      Best Ever MSP UnliSurf Plan 999 05/25/13-05/26/13 1 891.86
      Best Ever MSP UnliSurf Plan 999 05/27/13-06/26/13 1 891.86



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          the may 25-26 may be the pro rated amount when you start your subcription..

          possible is ang start ng cut-off mo eh 27-26 of the month and you use the plan from may 25-26 which is cover for month of may but I think pwede mo naman siguro ipaayos yan since 1 day mo lang naman nagamit..

          try to call or visit the globe store :smileyhappy:
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            Are there credits or adjustments sa page 2 ng bill mo? Kung wala, the 05/25 - 05/26 charge needs to be adjusted accordingly.
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              Hello, mhelai_lumague.


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              Moving on with your concern.


              You may request for the reversal of this item -


              Best Ever MSP UnliSurf Plan 999 05/25/13-05/26/13 1 891.8


              Pleace call the holtine 211 and talk to a live account specialist.



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