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      I am very much aware of Globe's ongoing systems upgrade. However, I am at a lost regarding the current billing system. For one, when I check my outstanding balance as of today thru the Globe services provided in my cp, I am informed that my outstanding bill is P2k++ due on July 23, 2013, my last payment on June 13, 2013, my cut-off period is July 20, 2013 and that I could view the details of my bill at Globe's website. When I checked my bill online, much to my surprise, the latest bill I can view  is Bill No. 117 covering the period 21 January 2013 to 20 February 2013 and due on March 13, 2013. Then just this morning, before I went to my office, I found in my mailbox,  my Globe bill No. 120 covering the period 21 April to 20 May 2013 amounting to P1.5k++ due on July 5, 2013.


      I understand that the delays in the receipt of bill is due to the systems upgrade but then again, until when will all be resolved? As of now, all I want is to settle my dues but before I can do that, I need to see the bill referred to in the reply I received thru my cp as this appears to contain the latest info. So, how may I get it?



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          Moving on with your concern.


          You seemed very surprised. I can feel it.


          Cut down on your Coffee intake.


          Please call the hotline 211 and talk to a live account specialist.


          They can resend your latest Billing Statement via Email.


          You may also want to enroll to E-Statements. So you will regularylt receive your Billing Statments via email.


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