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    intermittent DSL connection batangas city/data only

      account number: 847922940
      open job order: 13927756

      bothersome intermittent connection happening every month. apparently support group and field techs had been passing the buck since APRIL. here's the history of what seems to be a scheduled outage for me!!
      no internet on the following dates:

      APRIL 21-26
      MAY 30- JUNE 18 (18days) then lost connection again after 6days
      JUNE 24 - up to present

      and mind you in between those dates I had been religiously calling 211 asking for help and rebates for a very very disappointing service. this has been a total waste of my time in which I'm spending around 20mins-1hour talking to people not doing the best they can.
      was told a tech will visit june26 then said it was moved to june 28 then finally july 1. everyone is lying, am not receiving any sms/call confirmation for movement of dates not unless I speak to someone which is of course another waste of time!

      some of the people I have talked to:
      Ref#: ofu13060018284

      Angel zaps 1518-team lead

      feb guibone-acct specialist and quite a few more I failed to take note of.

      can someone seriously help? customer's should be taken cared of and not the other way around!
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          Hi, I would like to help but we need to take these steps before.

          1. What is your modem
          2. What is your plan
          3. Is there any electricity fluctuation
          4. Is there any Network Issues
          5. Have you tried to ask their Dispatcher what do you need to do?
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              thanks so much Jeian for trying to help. honestly I'm too tired of being asked the same questions by people on the phone over and over again. just so you are updated they were able to resolve it yesterday after going back and forth to the phone cabinet/terminal. I told them that I want a fixed resolution and not a temporary one. They admitted that the resolution done in the past months had been temporary.


              I am not confident as of yet that this will be up and running longer than expected. But I'm not keeping my hopes up. Let's just hope that GLOBE will remain true to their words. Otherwise they will hear from my ranting again! :smileyhappy:


              and just to answer your question:

              1. modem is AZTEC, replaced last APRIL

              2. I'm at data only 999 up to 1Mbps. I'm getting 2.53Mbps as of this writing

              3. no electricity fluctuation at home

              4. no known network outage

              5. yes, as I've said somehow fixed it from a terminal somewhere around 200meters away from our house



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              Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you have come to share your Globe life with us.

              Before you proceed in reading my reply, please take note of the following:
              I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my message.
              It is my personal belief that we are all created. Therefore, we are all creatures here.
              If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.


              Moving on with your concern.


              Kabayan! Ala eh bisitahin mo na laang ga sila Globe Store. Sa SM ga ay meron?


              Itanong mo nang maige kung maayos pa nila at kung kailan. Isama ang nanay mo, para makatikim sila ng talak!


              Kapag hindi nila inayos, abangan mo sa labasan, yayain mong magbarek. 


              Humingi ka ng refund ng mga naibayad mo.


              Huwag mo ng aksayahin ang oras mo sa pagtawag sa 211.


              Balitaan mo ako kung anong nangyari.


              D'yan ako ipinanganak at lumaki sa Batangas City.  Matatapang ang mga tao diyan at magagaling. Bumarek.


              Sa Saint nga pala ako Naghighschool. Ikaw ga ay saan?  Ay siya bawal na yata are. Baka ma-delete na naman nung masungit na moderator.




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                Kabayan, bumalik ka sa Globe Store at sabihin mo sa kanila na sila ang mag escalate ng problema mo.

                Sila ang patawagin mo sa Support Group.

                Maghanap ka ng supervisor.

                Sa Trade ka pala nagHigh School. Hindi na ako nagexam dyan nung nareceived ko ang acceptance letter ko sa Saint. Sa Western ako nag Elementary. Kami ang last batch bago maging UB.