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    Report SMS Scams


      Hi guys,


      One way or another, we have experienced being bombarded with SMS scams saying that we've one something and all sorts of stuff. I know most of us just disregard these messages. Sadly, there are some who are still being lured to these tactics. 


      I hope through this thread, we can post all those SMS and the associated numbers to have it reported to Globe. Hopefully, through the moderators, they can tag and block these numbers. I was told by a Globe rep that they can't just block a number with just a single subscriber reporting an SMS scam. What they can only do from their end is to send a warning message.


      Attached is a sample SMS scam.


      Globe SMS Scam

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          Thanks to fjordz for starting this thread. Just some reminders when posting here:

          2. 1. Include a screenshot of the SMS showing the full number and message for validation of report. At the same time, kindly list down the mobile numbers in text as well.
          4. 2. Indicate a short description about the message and when (date and time) did you receive the message.

          The moderators will take a look at your entries and delete those who are not following instructions. Thanks!

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            I don't know if it will fall under the category of scams, but these text messages are annoying.


            What bothers me is where did they get my number? My postpaid number is just 3 months old and I only informed close family and friends about it. In fact, the very first text message that I received was from these SMS agents.


            Is Globe giving away newly-activated numbers/accounts to third party agents? Leakage maybe?

            FYI, the reason why I changed my number is because of these... And now I'm getting a lot.


            Below are the screenshots:




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              I received this today, 09 March 2013 at 8:11am. It's been awhile since I last received a text scam and now it's back. This was sent to my other globe postpaid no. and not on my new iPhone globe postpaid.

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                -Can you please clarify this: "3. The moderators will take a look at all entries and delete those who are not following the instructions."?

                -Does this mean that there are third parties who know our number?

                -I am also receiving such text messages. What's weird is that I got one immediately when my number was activated. Even I don't know my number yet. ONLY GLOBE knows my number (and whoever you are giving our numbers to).

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                  Hi clygeronimo_28,

                  What GlennO is trying to say is that in order for them (Globe) to do appropriate actions against these SMS scammers, we need to follow proper posting of reports on this thread. Say in your case, kindly post a screenshot of that specific scam similar to the ones we did above and include the date and time when you've received it and the number who sent it. I think they want these reports to be specific as much as possible as this involved suspension of accounts for those Globe numbers that will be proven to be scammers.
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                    My SIM card was activated last Jan. 6, 2013 and as you can see on one the screenshot that I posted, the very first text message that I received last Jan. 6 was from a scammer. 


                    I don't believe these scammers are following some sort of a pattern because I was the one who asked for the last 4 digits of my postpaid number. It's a preferred number and there's no way that it falls under a trail of a pattern.


                    I think there's some sort of a leakage or probably someone from Globe is really giving away our numbers from these annoying text agents. It is not enought that we just report the scammers because SCAMMERS WILL ALWAYS BE SCAMMERS and they're multiplying fast whether we like it or not. 


                    I strongly believe the real solution to this is for Globe to investigate (internally) the people assigned in activating our accounts or the people handling the master list of newly activated (or old) Globe postpaid numbers.

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                      As for now, this is the least that we can do - to have it reported to Globe and have them blocked these numbers hoping that these scammers will eventually stop their wrong doings.

                      As for your suggestion that Globe should investigate internally on how these scammers are getting our numbers (especially the postpaid ones), I think the moderators of this forum are in a better position to answer that request.
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                        Hi Guys,

                        Miggy here. I'm also one of the managers of this Community.
                        I'm really glad this thread came up, because its a great opportunity for us to talk about this topic.

                        First of, I want to assure everyone that Globe does not give / sell mobile numbers for any reason. There are security measures and audit trails in all our systems to ensure that no employee of the company can generate or take with them mobile number lists.

                        Second, it's a known modus operandi that scammers simply text mobile number series, either in sequence or at random. We have preventative measures to detect activities such as this and terminate customer's unlimited SMS promos and even their mobile number if they are found to be in violation of the terms of our service.

                        Please continue to post your reports here, as we will be reporting these to our Fraud detection department as part of our commitment to you.

                        Cheers, and keep the conversation rolling! Happy weekend.
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                          Scams ba kamo? Hay! Eto po...


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                            @iamdavesantos Hope you can repost with full mobile numbers. Thanks!
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                              Oops, sorry! Didn't realized the numbers were cut off. Anyway, here are their numbers:



















                              This is posted in order of the time I received them (and as seen partially on the screenshots). Is this okay or do I need to re-post all of the screenshots? 



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                                Here are the different types SMS Scams I've received:



                                • IMG 7275
                                • IMG 7285
                                • IMG 7288
                                • IMG 7292IMG 7293
                                • IMG 7294IMG 7295


                                Asking for Money:

                                • IMG 7279
                                • IMG 7283
                                • IMG 7289
                                • IMG 7290
                                • IMG 7291
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                                  1 one or another. Just don't give any information about yourself. yun lang. :smileyhappy:

                                  Think. Think. Think.

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                                    I agree. Just don't give any personal information as this will be use and share for fraud.
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