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      Hi everyone! I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday at SM Lanang Premier here in Davao City. I'm satisfied with the processing of my application, in fact my plan was approved in less than 30 minutes. :smileyhappy:
      I just wanna ask (I forgot to ask the agent yesterday) regarding the consumables, do I need to go back the Globe store once my sim is activated to register with my chosen consumables?
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          Nothing beats a person to person talk/request done through the Globe office if you have the time or if not, you may just call 211 from your Globe mobile phone and talk to a Specialist who would assist you in processing the consumables you want. Please get the reference number, name of agent and ate of request for record purposes.


          There is an option to text POSPTAID to 1234 and an agent would reply through text but this form of communication is quite tedious so I suggest calling 211 instead.

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            Hi carloace08 during application mo i think you choose your desired plan and peso value distribution. Kung nakalimutan mo wait your sim to be activated then call the hotline to check your plan summary.

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              Moving on with your concern.


              Kindly visit the SM Lanang Premier Globe Store.


              I am not sure how can the hotline be of great help to you.


              If your SIM is not yet activated, they can't see your account and will just send an escalation email to SM Lanang Premier Globe Store.


              By the way, Consumables, Combos, Boosters are different from each other. 


              You may use your remaining Peso Value as Consumable and/or use it to avail Combos.


              Since you got an S4, you may need to get the required Internet Combo using your Peso Value or get an Internet Booster which will be billed on top of your Monthly Recurring Fee.


              The Globe Store Sales or After Sales Specialist can provide you  more information about the available Combos and Boosters. 


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