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    Network Issue In My Area Will Be Resolved Within THREE MONTHS


      I really hate complaining but this one, I really have to spill.


      I'm having intermittent connection for a week now and the answer I got from the Globe Helpline was because I am in an area where they are fixing a network issue that will take THREE MONTHS to resolve. :smileylol:


      I am not asking for a FASTER connection, because I should just upgrade my subscription anytime I want to (but still, it will depend on my location if their upgrade is available), all I am asking is for a STABLE connection. I believe I did not sign the contract for an INTERMITTENT CONNECTION.


      I got a client call earlier via internet and it got cut. Can Globe explain to my client why we were cut in the middle of a call? NO. :smileytongue:


      I understand network issues and they need time to be fixed, but please explain why THREE MONTHS? Meaning I will pay my bills for three months only to get INTERMITTENT CONNECTION? I even settle my accounts earlier than the due date to avoid problems with my subscription but I'd rather get a different provider that is stable and then ask me again after three months if I still want my connection back to Globe.

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          I understand your situation and we woold definitely complain too.


          As of now, we cannot do anything about the network being fixed but at least you had an admission from Globe that they are. I would suggest that you document the said admission and use it to ask for a reversal of your charges for the 3 months (and more if ever) that you were affected. I was able to do this last year when they admitted that there was a cellsite issue in our area.


          In the meantime, while the fixing is on-going and the reversal is being worked out, I suggest that you use another provider specially for important things.




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            What is your current connection type? DSL, WiMAX, tatto stick or mobile internet? I have this kind of problem before and they given me the option to migrate my connection to another service type that they offered.