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    Pls update your system!

      I have plan 599 with globe. after the locked up period i did some upgrading. I availed iphone5 at plan 1799. You are perhaps aware of the peso value. I got the unlimited surfing + combo B. i have been using the suppose unli surf for a month now. I was shocked when i saw that my next bill is already at 3500 and not the expected 1799. When i called the hotline, they informed me that i am still at plan 599. And my internet fee for 1month was added ON TOP of the 599!! Why the hell did they not change my plan from 599 to 1799 the moment they activated the nano sim that they have provided in the first place? Who the hell will inform me that my plan 1799 unli surfing is not yet active? That's bullshit! I have 3 globe accounts. I have finished the locked up of the 3. I have been very loyal to globe and this is what i will be getting?! What the hell?!!
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          Maybe Globe had failed to inform you that when availing or recontracting fo another plan while retaining your number, the new contrract is usually applied after your usual cut-off period.


          If for example your cut-off is every 10th of the month, the new plan would take effect on the 11th. Charges prior to that would be applied on your previous plan.


          Before all hell breaks loose, I suggest you go to a business center (hotline would take a longer time to resolve) and tell them tht you were not informed about it so reversals or a compromise could be done.


          It has been done in the past... Good luck.