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      I applied for a postpaid plan last June 13 but unfortunately until now I didn't´t receive any update from globe despite of numerous follow ups. Is my application is being process or was not approved? Please let me know so I won´t expect from your confirmation etc.

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          I applied in Globe business center SM cebu. Took me a while to get someone to talk to about  2hours and 30 minutes. I brought all requirements. Payslips, CEO, ITR, IDS including a passport. I have all documents needed on June 17th I believe. I was called after 1 day requesting me to bring a letter of authority. I gave the letter of authority and I was expecting that another email for confirmation would be sent as they mentiond Quote " 24 to 48 hours" to get an update.


          So I go back twice a week to SM cebu just to follow up on it, they even gave me a land line number that rings and no one answers. Everytime I go back takes me sometime again to talk to someone so pretty much it is a hassle. I have already confirmed from my company to give the information needed to get my employment verified and I know they would reply within 24 hours.


          Right now, all Im hoping for is a feedback, about this.  Hopefully someone can help to follow up on this.


          Elton V.

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            Hi @saibagui

            Where did you file your application?
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              Hey dukel2n

              I also tried applying for a plan but at Elizabeth Mall and never heard anything from them. So I went to SM to apply again..however I was told that a credit card is needed for faster processing so I did not proceed..If u are applying for Plan 1299 or 1799 you should have a credit limit of 35k. If you are working in a BPO and you do not have a credit card..they require at least 2 yrs of tenure.

              I got my Plan approved but I applied online at Globe's website. Received a call the next day and submitted the requirements. IDs .. 1 month payslip and my proof of billing. After a week may tumawag for verification then I received another call the same day that my application got approved. Then after another week they shipped my phone via air21.

              BTW 7 months pa lang ako nagwowork sa BPO.

              So try your luck online and let us know about the progress.

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                  I just bought myself a samsung galaxy s4- ill just subscribe to the 999 plan if every they call me.. I did what was said but it just taking too long... so never mind thanks anyways guys...