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    Need help activating my postpaid service

      I signed up for an iphone 5 postpaid plan last saturday at globe center in sm bacolod. Im wondering whats the timeframe for Activation of service. Its been almost 5 days now i still do not have service. I went back to their office this morning and i was told they were having issues activating new postpaid sims. The csr then forwarded a ticket or something but did not give me a reference number. Im thinking of maybe just cancelling my subscription and try another provider who can give a better service. :smileysad:
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          Hi @SydneyCrocky

          I added a second line to my subscription on 06/30, Sunday. I went to Globe Glorietta 3 and I was told (as indicated in the paper works I signed) to wait 24-48 hours for the line to be activated.

          The line was activated Wednesday. It's beyond the 24-48 hour time frame set by Globe (fail). I was told, there was an issue with the LTE sim given to me. It was a Cebu sim (fail again) the fact that I'm from Makati City.

          Globe Glorietta asked me to go back to the Store. They replaced the Cebu sim and they were able to get the line working.

          For your iPhone 5, try to turn the phone off and turn it on again. If nothing happens, please Tweet @talk2Globe, call 211 for further assistance or go back to the Store.
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            Thanks for the info, i guess i will just have to go back to the store and have the sim replaced. I tried powercycling several times already, i think globe has to activate something on their end cause a prepaid sim is working totally fine ( i manually cut the regular sim) It's already beyond the 48 hour timeframe. Globe has to do something with their activation process it is very frustrating.