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    pwede po ba mag apply ng LTE sim


      i have already SG S4 but tnung ko lng if pwede ba ko mag avail ng LTE sim for my phone..

      panu po ba ang process and requirements pleas help.

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          Hello, @JdrCarl .


          Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you have come to share your Globe life with us.

          Before you proceed in reading my reply, please take note of the following:
          I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my message.
          It is my personal belief that we are all created. Therefore, we are all creatures here.
          If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.


          Moving on with your concern.


          Why not?


          You may visit any Globe Store and request for an LTE SIM.


          Please take note that LTE is currently available for the more privileged Postpaid subscribers only.


          If you are a Postpaid subscriber, you just need to present your face and a vaild proof of Identification.


          I got all my LTE Micro Sim Cards for Free. I think you should get yours free as well.


          The After Sales Specialist in the Globe Store can assist your further.


          Please take note that you may need to request for three things while in the Globe Store.


          An LTE Micro SIM Card, SIM Card Activation, and an LTE Activation.


          Simply put.


          You may request for an LTE Micro SIM Card and walk away.


          Or you may request for an LTE Micro SIM Card,  and walk away.


          Or you may request for an LTE Micro SIM Card, a SIM Card Activation, an LTE Activation and enjoy Fast and Reliable LTE Connection* right away. 


          *Terms and Conditions Apply


          Did I mention that LTE Micro Sim Card Activation is relatively fast now?


          I got mine activated in a matter of minutes in Greenbelt 4 Globe Store.


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            Only if you have two mobile number in your postpaid account, coz you can't have an extra sim activated with the same mobile number.