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    Follow-up on Unit Delivery


      So in my earlier posts, my plan was approved and I made several complains about it and since my plan was already approved, here comes another problem.


      Problem: I don't know when is the delivery / dispatch of my unit!


      Based on several feedbacks on Twitter. They said the unit is already dispatch and it will be a matter of time before it will arrive on our place. I asked them what phone model and it match with what I want which is the Galaxy S4 with Plan 999 + 600 cash out.


      Based on Facebook. The said that they're sorry for the delay in delivering the unit and they're making a follow-up. They let me assure that feedback will be given within 2~3 days.


      Which one is true? I tried calling their CSR but no one answered. I wanna cry!!

      Applying or a plan is really difficult!