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    New Pospaid Application


      Hi there. Im new here, It's my first time to apply for a pospaid plan. Since I lost my globe phone, I decided to apply for a pospaid plan through online store. After 24 hours I receive a text and email that someone from globe will call me  and keep my lines open. Unfortunately I wasn't able to answer that call from their sales named "BUDDY" since I was fast asleep that time. I received a text from him to submit necessary requirements. I tried texting him but there's no response at all. I submitted all the requirements but I haven't received any call or emails from them, reference numbers or even just a confirmation that they received my requirements. Maybe because I was not able to answer that call?

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          Through the experience of many community members, applying online takes a longer period to process not to mention, the hassles of sending, confirming, waiting for responses, delivery, etc which may be accomplished in one day if you have complete supporting papers and qualified for a postpaid plan and done through a Business Center.


          We would suggest you take that route than through online sales.

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            I also have a representative named "BUDDY LAUTA" that assists me. I'm into the delivering process right now which I don't know when is the schedule. Tried calling them but no one answered.

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              @mad_bro ...

              Yes better go to the nearest Globe Center. I heard mas mabilis yung processing sa Market Market so long as you have all the needed documents ready. I applied online and got approved after 1 week then got the unit after another week so total of 2 weeks lang.


              Try to call Buddy after 1PM and make sure to verify your shipping address and delivery date. Also ask for the reference number.