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    Need help tattoo @Home 5GB capping for 2Mbps Plan


      Good day sirs,


      Pa help naman po sa problem ko.. i'm experiencing a sluggish bandwidth since yesterday 0.4Mpbs (tested on speedtest.net) so I inquired sa @talk2globe, i'm not aware that time na meron pala capping daily so here is our conversation.


      DATE: July 6, 2013
      Seerium:Name: Nikolai Mendoza, Email: nikoXXXXXXXXXXX, Account: XXXXXXXXX
      Quiding Maria Ana:Hi! This is your live chat agent. How can I help you today?
      Nikolai Mendoza:Hi
      Nikolai Mendoza:can I ask if there is a problem with the network in our area? (Sta.Rosa, Lag)
      Quiding Maria Ana:Just to verify Ma'am Nikolai, you are transacting with landline number
      Nikolai Mendoza:yes
      Nikolai Mendoza:My connection speed does not even reach half of my subscribed speed
      Nikolai Mendoza:i have been doing speed tests since yesterday but the results didn't even reach
      Quiding Maria Ana:Thank you for the information. Please stay online while I am checking your
      Quiding Maria Ana:As checked Ms. Mendoza, your account is active and your area is not part of
      any network issues.
      Nikolai Mendoza:i see.. so is there anything i can do in order to reach my subscribed speed? (2mb)
      Nikolai Mendoza:the latency of my network does not have problems its still Nikolai Mendoza:its
      just that the bandwidth i'm getting is not enough
      Quiding Maria Ana:Ms. Nikolai, we would like to let you know that our DSL service is guided by the
      Fair Use Policy of Globe. Your current plan is not designed for frequent use of peer to peer
      applications, streaming media or for downloading of heavy files like movies or series. The tendency
      is that you will experience slow browsing if you often use it for such activities.
      Nikolai Mendoza:did you mean that my subscription is limited? lets say i can only download up to
      50GB worth of data?
      Quiding Maria Ana:Yes Ma'am. You already exceeded your daily capping for your speed
      allowance. Let me advise yout o please monitor your connection and it will automatically refresh a
      5:00 AM.
      Nikolai Mendoza:i see.. well its good that i know that now, didn't know that there's a daily capping..
      may I know the limit?
      Quiding Maria Ana:For your 2 mbps plan Ma'am Nikolai, your have 5 GB per day.
      Nikolai Mendoza:and btw, it will refresh tom 5am? but it's just 7am :smileysad: I just woke up to check my
      Nikolai Mendoza:it's just the start of the day and I think I can't download 5gb data in just 2 hours..
      provided that the cutoff is 5am..
      Quiding Maria Ana:I'm sorry Ma'am but the system detected that your speed was already
      exceeded and please bear with us if we only relying from our system. Allow me to advise you to
      monitor your connection.
      Nikolai Mendoza:fair enough.. so the cut-off is 5am right?
      Quiding Maria Ana:Yes Ma'am Nikolai.
      Quiding Maria Ana:I haven't received any response from you. Are you still there?
      Nikolai Mendoza:smileysurprised:k.. I'll check tom if there will be changes..
      Nikolai Mendoza:btw its Mr. not Ms.
      Nikolai Mendoza:thank you for your time.
      Quiding Maria Ana:I'm sorry for that Mr. Mendoza.
      Quiding Maria Ana:Would that be all Sir Nikolai?
      Nikolai Mendoza:yes..
      Nikolai Mendoza:that's all for now
      Quiding Maria Ana:Thank you for using Talk2GLOBE Chat! I'm glad to have served you today.


      If my line already reached the limit yesterday, I don't think its possible to exceed 5GB again today provided na sabi nya na 5am ang cut-off daily and 7am lang  kanina nung nag inquire ako :smileyindifferent:


      If my account was already compromised naman, is changing my account password help resolve my problem? if so baka po you can guide me through the process.


      Need your inputs po, sana someone can help me here.. I feel frustrated na since every weekend lang ako nakakababad ng net sa bahay due to my work tapos ganito pa.