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    Denied application

      Hi guys. Just wanna share my experience applying for a blackberry q10 plan 1799 for 30 months.

      Proof of identity: TIN ID
      Proof of billing: smart internet bill and a postpaid pocket wifi bill
      proof of income: foreign remittance(bdo kabayan savings, which means a foreign remittance account)

      So i applied under my mom's name last saturday june 30 with a fully filled up application form and a paper that we agree blah blah blah. Together with an authorization letter that my mom is allowing me to submit her requirements in her behalf. So the sales rep named mickey browsed the passbook, which was recebtly updated. She told me that it was okay coz the required remittance needed for our plan to be approved would be 20-60k for the last two months daw. So we have a 60k+ remittance for may and 140k+ remittance for june so okay daw. But persobally i know that for those kibds of proof, it has to be the last 3months so i told her to include the remittance for month of april which is 240k+ but she refused. Itcwas actually photocopied already but she gave me the april copy coz accdg to her, no need.

      So after 1 week, today july 6, i came back to mega to follow up. Sabi, for verification pa. Yet we havent receive any call from them as promised within those 1-2 weeks period. So when i came home, mom told me she received a text message from globe from a globe number that our application was denied.

      I was disappointed coz sabi no problem yung proof of income coz she actually gave me the range of remittance needed for that specific plan that she specifically checked for that matter. How come itcwas denied? I dont have proof but im sure we do not have unsettled accts or utang sa globe for my mom is a first timer.

      I was thinking it was about the proof of income that she failed to take a copy of the past 3 months and only got 2. I remember her asking her that why not include april. And she said "okay na po yung 2 months" then i told her, "i thougt 3?" then "for foerigb remittance po yung 3." then i am sure i clarified to her that it was a foreigb remittance pero di sya sumagot.

      i need comments coz napanghihinaan na ako. We're from bulacan pa and we take the option of going to a branch around metro to apply para mabilis and now this. Thinking of going to glorietta 3or greenbelt 4 tonorrow to re apply. Or online? Suggestions please :smileysad: i am actually postibg this at almost 3 am coz i cant sleep thinking about our long awaited plan :smileysad:(

      would appreciate replies. Thank you very much
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          I think it would be better to apply in globe stores that are not in city proper.. well considering that megamall is within business district.. maraming magaapply jan ng plan... same thing happened to me..pero sa market market naman yun... 2x nadeny... so i tried globe eastwood.. then dun naapprove ..1 day process at nakuha ko agD unit.. :smileyhappy:
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            try mo online mas mabilis dun..
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                I experienced the otherwise and ended up applying on a Globe store. Sobrang bagal ng feedback sa ONLINE application.


                To TS:

                Wag ka makuntento sa isang store, try mo sa mga store na may ability ng 1 day processing and verification. If you bring all the proper documents needed, they'll process it in just under 2 hours and you will go home happily with your new phone. Tama din yung sinabi mo na they will need at least 3 months consecutive remittance slips with minimum of 20k. If they refuse to accept and saying your 2 months slips are enough, please INSIST on giving them 3 slips.

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                well sa case kasi ng mother ko at nung officemate ko mabilis yung application nila online..within the week nung nag apply sila nadeliver agad yung unit..
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                  Thanks for feedback guys. There are lots of updates and improvements about this. but as of now, we're still not done. But what happened pala is nagreflect ung dati naming application sa isang globe provincial branch and worse we were never informed that naapprove pala yun. Then pinacancel namin but something came out. pinagpasapasahan kami ng dalawang branch saying na theyve already cancelled it, then balik sa mega saying active pa din. This happened 3 times.so literally nagpabalik balik kami.


                  so now we're on the process of revalidation again last monday after macancel finally yung previous application. sabi within this week, wait na lang for a message kung kelan pede makuha coz basically ayos na daw. So surprisingly, nagtext kahapon ung branch requesting for an authorization letter from the bank. Kinda pissed coz pabalik balik ako dun yet di pa sinabi agad that we'll be needing it. so now weve requested na sa bank so magwawait na naman, then balik sa globe then wait na naman then IDK anymore. Kinda frustrating. But anyway patience is king so sana lang its all worth the wait hehe. Hopefully to get an update soon. sana makuha na namin hehe thanks guys :smileyhappy: